About Blog

Looking upon the present trend of development and socio-environmental changes in the Himalayan Mountains, it is expected that the ongoing downstream migration from the Himalayan region will be at peak by 2050, to seek food, water, and livelihood.

On the other hand, there will be increased efforts and financing towards research, development, and establishment of institutions in the region!
So, what entails to present efforts and establishment, and what great the increase will do!

This blog is compilation of personal opinion on various socio-environmental issues, which I observed and learned over the years from these mighty terrains.

They examine various social, environmental and developmental efforts, processes within these mighty mountains, and for its dwellers. They are about practices, policies and institutional functioning, and about contemporary to traditional science. They are contextual, and entail the veracity of development in the Himalayan Mountains!

About Me:

A native of the Indian Himalayan region, my work and interest remained in these mighty and beautiful mountains. A seasoned professional worked on various environment and development issues since 1996 in the Himalayan region including India, Nepal, and Bhutan and now in West Africa. Trained in various ecosystem approaches in water resources, bio-diversity, farming, and climatic variability issues.

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