Welcome to my incisive exploration into development discourses. Faced with climatic shocks and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discourse, this blog navigates the complex journey of socio-economic development in South Asia and Africa. These regions grapple with mounting challenges and an anticipated surge in migration by 2050, I aim to bring forward insightful analyses of the socio-environmental issues and practices shaping their future. Delving into policies and the nuances of both contemporary and traditional science, I strive to uncover the multifaceted dilemmas of development. Join me as I illuminate the shaded corners of this transformative journey and confront the realities of progress in these dynamic continents.


  • Poorly Researched Height and Sanitation Link Study

    Poorly Researched Height and Sanitation Link Study

    I was going through an article published in The Hindu, an Indian national daily, based on the study by a researcher from Princeton University’s, titled ‘The long and short of open defecation‘, that correlates height of Indian children with poor sanitation. I have a few quick reflections on this article of Dean Spears, the researcher…

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  • Livelihood Links to Poor Water Quality in India: Alternates

    Livelihood Links to Poor Water Quality in India: Alternates

    “We had 200 vacancies, but we could not even fill even 50% of the posts,” said Group Captain T K Singha, Chief Public Relations Officer, Ministry Of Defense. “Most of the students failed the basic medical test because of defects in bone structure,” said an officer. “This was not visible by the naked eye, nor…

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  • Misleading Facts: Still We Can Celebrate World Toilet Day

    Misleading Facts: Still We Can Celebrate World Toilet Day

    Today it’s world toilet day. The monitoring of sanitation facilities globally remained a challenge to the country governments and International agencies. It is sometime said that the cursory assessment reports (e.g. JMP-Joint Monitoring Programme) of the facts about the rural and urban sanitation scenario may lead to pressure on country governments to expedite the process…

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  • Decoding Corruption At Next Level

    Decoding Corruption At Next Level

    We observe a number of cases and movements towards corruption flourishing in government agencies and corporations, as we are struggling and dealing with them for over 50+ years in India. It’s good that they are now knocked around. At next level our awakened citizens should also be concerned about the corruption flourishing in a number…

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  • Science Policy Disconnect In The Mountains

    Science Policy Disconnect In The Mountains

    It has been learned that in the Himalayan region there is a disconnected between science, policy and decision making. The region lacks coordinated and comprehensive research about the scale and extent of worsening changes, whereas the library of any such research on various aspects, wherever available, remains a great deal academic, while policy implementations on…

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  • In Himalayas: the Glaciers without Gate

    In Himalayas: the Glaciers without Gate

    One of the study published in Nature, states that Fewer than 120 (0.075%) have had their mass balance (the sum of the annual mass gains and losses of the glacier) directly measured in Himalayan region, and for only 37 of these are there records extending beyond 30 years. Extrapolating this tiny sample of observations to…

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