Welcome to my incisive exploration into development discourses. Faced with climatic shocks and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discourse, this blog navigates the complex journey of socio-economic development in South Asia and Africa. These regions grapple with mounting challenges and an anticipated surge in migration by 2050, I aim to bring forward insightful analyses of the socio-environmental issues and practices shaping their future. Delving into policies and the nuances of both contemporary and traditional science, I strive to uncover the multifaceted dilemmas of development. Join me as I illuminate the shaded corners of this transformative journey and confront the realities of progress in these dynamic continents.


  • Undefined Role of Regional And National Agencies In Reducing Disasters

    Undefined Role of Regional And National Agencies In Reducing Disasters

    The Himalayan region consists of extremely fragile ecosystem, and source to 10 major Asian river systems, on which over 1.3 billion people rely for sustenance, water, livelihoods and prosperity. A recent flash flood on 16-17 June, affected over 50,000 people in the mountain state of Uttarakhand, while it is estimated that over 5000 people are…

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  • Defining ‘Green’ In Energy Sector

    Defining ‘Green’ In Energy Sector

    ‘Green’ norms for ‘Green’ Energy, was the title of a consultation workshop organized recently in Uttarakhand mountains by a Delhi (India) based environment organization.   Not able to understand the ‘Green’ norms and energy concept, as our mountains don’t really look ‘Green’!   A so called concept that took 20+ years, since Rio 1992, and…

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  • Gender Non-Sense

    Gender Non-Sense

    ‘Gender’ to ‘gender based approach’ the buzz words, everyday we learn from humanitarian and right based agencies working in India. A real non-sense, which is beyond in practice, when we count their workforce at state and district level.   The workforce data shows that they are highly gender insensitive in their day to day functioning.…

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  • Inept Leading to Bharat Nirman

    Inept Leading to Bharat Nirman

    It seems that the dynasty ruled mindset will not go from Indian minds so easily. A dynasty ruled country still believes in ‘imported’, to keep the momentum. No vision and plans for development! While there are more definitive plans to divide on ‘secularism’ and ‘communalism’ agenda. Those able to lead, were sidelined by hook or…

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  • Water Of Disasters In India

    Water Of Disasters In India

    Officially, 22000 people died during various flood, landslide and cyclone related disasters in India during 2001-2010, lost about 10,0000 cattle, damage to 1.5 crore houses, and lost 425 lakh hectares agriculture land. In a year, on an average Indian economic loss is estimated of Rs. 800 crores due to flood, while 35 crore Indian were…

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  • Think Eat And Save

    Think Eat And Save

    Think . Eat . Save : The slogan for 2013’s World Environment Day that is celebrated on 5 June. Save Food Initiative is about ‘Zero Hunger Challenge’ of UN to sustain 7 billion people now (9 billion by 2050), as 3rd of global food production is either wasted or lost, leading to 1 out of…

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