Welcome to my incisive exploration into development discourses. Faced with climatic shocks and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discourse, this blog navigates the complex journey of socio-economic development in South Asia and Africa. These regions grapple with mounting challenges and an anticipated surge in migration by 2050, I aim to bring forward insightful analyses of the socio-environmental issues and practices shaping their future. Delving into policies and the nuances of both contemporary and traditional science, I strive to uncover the multifaceted dilemmas of development. Join me as I illuminate the shaded corners of this transformative journey and confront the realities of progress in these dynamic continents.


  • Missing Links: Innovations In Sanitation Sector in India

    Missing Links: Innovations In Sanitation Sector in India

    As we delve deeper into the story of sanitation promotion over the last 60+ years in India, we hardly see well-developed and sustainable infrastructure on this front. On closely observing processes and progress, one will realize that agencies working in rural sanitation promotion are more fascinated by playing with available data to prepare presentations and…

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  • Poor Leadership-Counting Numbers, Still!

    Poor Leadership-Counting Numbers, Still!

    Another day for recognizing toilets or boasting ourselves! And by the way, by whom? Are they not in a race to promote, recognize, and prove that their perks are worth the spend, and asking for more? They range from corporations and businesses to NGOs and international agencies! All of them today are vouching for their…

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  • Kedarnath Disaster-‘A Scientific & Administrative Failure’

    Kedarnath Disaster-‘A Scientific & Administrative Failure’

    In various reports on the Kedarnath disaster, it is stated that unplanned development in Kedarnath city led to a huge death toll. However, none of the scientific reports, such as those from WIHG (Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, based in Dehradun, India), said that it was also a scientific failure, as they could not inform…

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  • Aggravating-Dilemma Of Reconstruction

    Aggravating-Dilemma Of Reconstruction

    It has been almost a month and a half since the flood disaster struck Uttarakhand, a mountain state in India. However, instead of working on a collaborative and inclusive approach to reconstruction and rehabilitation, it appears that the state and national governments are not aligned with the local people. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI)…

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  • Relief In Uttarakhand-Avoid Old Mindset And Jargons

    Relief In Uttarakhand-Avoid Old Mindset And Jargons

    In this article it is argued that Disaster Management practice in India need to change the old mindset of disaster relief, to include quick planning and actions, using verifiable space data and avoid delay causing detailed assessments in deciding any government run relief package. We need to be cautions against the current jargons such as…

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  • Patwari’ Reaches to Disaster Hit Population

    Patwari’ Reaches to Disaster Hit Population

    Patwari’ Reaches to Disaster Hit Population in Uttarakhand Mountain State of India After almost 20 days, since flash flood disaster hit Kedarnath valley in Uttarakhand, the lowest state level government functionary, responsible for maintaining land, population and other records in revenue villages, could finally reach to the areas assigned to thim. It is supposed that…

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