Poor Leadership-Counting Numbers, Still!

Posted on November 19, 2013


Another ‘day’ for recognizing toilets or ‘boasting ourselves’ ! And by the way, by whom?

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Are not they in the race of promoting, recognizing and proving that their perks are worth spent, and asking for more! They range from corporations and businesses  to  NGOs and international agencies! All of them today are vouching their efforts for the sake of supporting the national and provincial governments, in developing countries.

They talk about ‘celebrities’ as ‘sanitation’ brand ambassadors! Some are given funds to get a piece of paper signed in the name of the world these groups are looking at, for ‘World We Want 2015’ (actually they want) on the table of buffet lunch and snacks! A few are piloting by pouring money collected in the name of ‘global sanitation’, really in the process of corporatizing community approaches.

On the other hand, our state to national governments are counting numbers! They are grappling with the numbers, they have in hand! The monitoring system has failed miserably. In Indian context, the NFHS (National Family Health Survey) in real sense a health survey, didn’t reveal the real picture, so Joint Monitoring Programme, still don’t have clue that what they are counting really! Toilets, users or both! No agency could really help our governments that how to improve the status, count these structures and keep them sustaining!

As usual, approaches are discussed, funds utilized and reports written! Business goes on..!

The sanitation approaches from IEC and BCC are further researched for unknown failure! There are others who are selling their patent like approaches, which is not really yielding results due to poor implementation approach, poor foresightedness and sustenance issues.

Developing countries like India has become research ground for a few researchers to misuse the funds in the name of sanitation research, while they play around words like;  community led, wise water, sanitation led stunting, among others!

The real takers and beneficiaries are still struggling with other priorities, it seems that they are not really convinced with any of these approaches.

In my view, there is poor leadership in sanitation sector itself! And, each one of us know that when ‘poor leaders’ lead the scene, the results cant’ be expected great!

Have a Happy World Toilet ‘Era’!