Defining ‘Green’ In Energy Sector

‘Green’ norms for ‘Green’ Energy, was the title of a consultation workshop organized recently in Uttarakhand mountains by a Delhi (India) based environment organization.
Not able to understand the ‘Green’ norms and energy concept, as our mountains don’t really look ‘Green’!
A so called concept that took 20+ years, since Rio 1992, and tries to paint ‘Sustainable’ development in to Green ‘business’ in each domain of market! To me, Lantana, a weed, sucks our forests and agriculture fields here in the mountains, is also ‘Green’!
The Small Hydro power project (SHP) vs. Large Hydro power (LHP) was the topic of deliberation, which concluded; SHPs are equally, rather more dangerous than LHPs, those are now in trend as ‘renewable’ energy sources in the Indian mountains, are quickly getting approval from government.
Impacts of SHPs counted as; high impact on water flow and aquatic fauna, while the ratio of diversion per mega watt of energy generation is 320 meter (SHP) Vs. 53 meter (LHP).
Which is better, another set of dilemma to understand? Misleading or helping the people?  Important point is that this workshop was sponsored by a power company and advertisements by cement industries!

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