Inept Leading to Bharat Nirman

It seems that the dynasty ruled mindset will not go from Indian minds so easily. A dynasty ruled country still believes in ‘imported’, to keep the momentum.

No vision and plans for development! While there are more definitive plans to divide on ‘secularism’ and ‘communalism’ agenda.

Those able to lead, were sidelined by hook or by crook.

This same logic applies to social and environment development sector in India at large. An incapable and imported dogma at national and state level has performed poorly over the years, that trickled to districts, rural areas to urban centres.

The power of ‘money’ from poor performance and corrupt practices has not only been felt and shown by our inept politicians but many times by our hopeless social and environment development ‘professionals’ as well.

The results are that;

  • 2.1 crore tons of wheat wasted due to no storage,
  • 40% children are malnourished,
  • 1.7 million children/year <5 year age die in India due to malnourishment,
  • 70% households in rural India don’t access to a toilet,
  • the employment guarantee scheme failed,
  • the health mission has many anomalies,
  • water availability from 5150 cum/person has gone down to 1800 cum/person,
  • each year flood damage costs Rs. 800 crores/year,
  • we don’t have early warning systems in place,
  • our disaster action as achievement for Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA) from Govt. of India shows rosy picture in papers, while,
  • our disaster response and preparedness measures are deficient in helping the communities in crisis and emergencies.

Still, ‘Bharat Nirman’ is on….

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