Water Of Disasters In India

Posted on June 10, 2013


Officially, 22000 people died during various flood, landslide and cyclone related disasters in India during 2001-2010, lost about 10,0000 cattle, damage to 1.5 crore houses, and lost 425 lakh hectares agriculture land.

In a year, on an average Indian economic loss is estimated of Rs. 800 crores due to flood, while 35 crore Indian were affected badly due to droughts in last 10 years.

Do climate linked disasters have any links with ‘Sanitation’ or ‘Drinking Water Supply’, India’s puzzled top notch decision maker at Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation asks? He accuses ‘western world’ for all bad about environment and climate change, knowing that India is among the 3rd largest producer of CO2, and almost 70% Indians don’t have a toilet.

Who will advocate and give innovative and out of box solutions to our such planners and policy makers? It reflects that agencies working in India in social and environment development sector are just working around in generating and playing with data!

‘LifeStraw’ a devise that can give up to 1000 liters of safe water instantly to the people hit with polluted water during disaster like situation, was developed by a Swiss based company!

Have you ever seen or heard about this devise, that could have been given to flood or drought affected population, those generally are forced to drink dirty water, that adds further deaths? No?

Please let those working on disasters and emergencies know about it, so that they are able to help our communities during such situations! At least ‘safe’ water could be ensured at first hand, I feel!