Science Policy Disconnect In The Mountains

Posted on July 11, 2012


It has been learned that in the Himalayan region there is a disconnected between science, policy and decision making. The region lacks coordinated and comprehensive research about the scale and extent of worsening changes, whereas the library of any such research on various aspects, wherever available, remains a great deal academic, while policy implementations on various scientific and developmental fronts are largely disjointed.

The situation aroused due to the research done in an uncoordinated manner while knowledge is not shared effectively in the region. There is sheer knowledge gap and lack of understanding on various mountain and climate linked issues, while no adequate shared understanding and action plan are in place for the regional problems as a whole, and no map of potential risks.

It is also evident that despite huge financial investment the results are deficient in making a difference due to inadequate planning, poor implementation and outreach actions.

Featured photo: Satish Chettri Lachen, Sikkim, at IMI Summit-2.