Decoding Corruption At Next Level

Posted on July 11, 2012


We observe a number of cases and movements towards corruption flourishing in government agencies and corporations, as we are struggling and dealing with them for over 50+ years in India. It’s good that they are now knocked around.

At next level our awakened citizens should also be concerned about the corruption flourishing in a number of trans-national agencies working in India in Social and Environment development sector and yet we need to catch hold of their poor performing actions and sometime huge financial anomalies through a system that is not known to commons.

They are supposed to influence our developmental actors, bureaucrats and political leadership on various positive developmental processes. But, the situation seems otherwise due to the disparity in their claims and actions.

In my view we can only think about progressive development in Asia when our so called agencies follow a positive spirit of ‘governance’ in their actions and also try to make their institutional functioning just and more transparent. Is that a big proposition!

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